14:00 - 17:00 - 23/11/2017 - Blu 2
FinTech & RegTech
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Matteo Rizzi, Co-Founder FinTechStage


La sessione si svolgerà con la seguente struttura, alternando keynote speech e micro panel:

Matteo Rizzi, Co-Founder FinTechStage

Keynote: Digital Innovation in Banking: What Works and What to Avoid. Lessons from the Global Banking Leaders

Alessandro Hatami, Managing Partner Forestreet

following In Conversation with
Matteo Flora, Founder&CEO The Fool

New Investing Dynamics
VCs and incumbents have found alternative opportunities to create innovation within financial services. New partnerships, building ventures, create physical catalysts and become the digital arm of existing incumbents are few of the emerging collaboration trends within what we can call Fintech 2.0. Let’s have a closer look.

Intesa Sanpaolo 
Fabio Nalucci, Gellify 
Marco Berini, CEO FinLeap 

From Simulated Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services
Data is the new, infinite, ubiquitous oil. How to make sense of the biggest challenge of today’s financial ecosystems? Through concrete applications, let’s try to make sense out of these new “refineries” of data.

Arnaud Vincent, CEO InsurTech 
Raffaele Zenti, Co-Founder Advise Only 
Cristiano Mastrantoni, Research Manager / Project Manager - Digital Transformation, IoT, Innovation, Insurance, Banking, Fintech, Insurtech CeTIF Research Center on Technology, Innovation and Finance
Federico Mattei, Innovation and Technical Leader Financial Services IBM Italia

In Conversation about Regtech
Where do we stand with the regulatory challenges enabling the Italian fintech eco-system? Are we setting the right environment to foster the dialogue and why it seems so complicated to engage the local players?

Romano Stasi, Segretario Generale Consorzio ABI Lab 
Demetrio Migliorati, Director | Innovation - Head of Blockchain Program Mediolanum


Conny Dorrestijn, Shiraz Partners
Federico Mattei, IBM - The future of work

Nicolo Petrone, Europe@Medici

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