Gruppo Sella 

Pietro has a degree in Business Engineering, he is a mountaineer, a passionate photographer, the father of five children and the CEO of Sella group since 2004. Established in 1886, by a family with a innovation entrepreneurial. He started his career in Banca Sella as a cashier, after working abroad for a year, as it is often the custom for the members of his family. In 1996 he was Head of the IT department and he launched the bank’s Ecommerce and Online Banking services, which are now leaders in the Italian market. Today, Sella group is renowned for the revision of its business model following the inspiration of a new ecosystem, and resulting in activities involving venture capital management (Sella Ventures), acceleration of corporate innovation (SellaLab), a new Light Banking solution (Hype) and the first API Open Banking Platform in Italy (formerly platfr.io, now Fabrick Platform). The group is one of the promoters of the Fintech District, the first Italian Fintech community, based in Milan. In 2018 Fabrick, the open banking ecosystem enabling and encouraging the cooperation among banks, corporate and Fintech stakeholders, was established with the aim of creating innovative solutions through its own Platform. He is Chairman of Pri.Banks, the Association of Italian Private Banks and of Endeavor Italy. He is also a Board Member of the Italian Banking Association (ABI)