European Payments Council Chair

Javier Santamaría Chair of the European Payments Council Javier Santamaría is the Chair of the European Payments Council (EPC, Brussels) since June 2012 and has been member of its Board since its creation in 2002. During decades as a bank employee, Mr Santamaría accumulated a broad and balanced expertise in the intertwined dimensions of payments – business-related, operational, technical, regulatory – across different client segments and product lines, in the legacy and the innovative spheres, which he now further develops as an independent professional. He has been immersed in both cooperative and competitive environments. Besides payments, he is interested in other banking fields and continues to be actively engaged in academic matters. Mr Santamaría is also Chair of the Iberpay Board (Madrid), member of the Board of Directors at the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF, Basel-Frankfurt) and member of the Supervisory Board at Western Union International Bank (WUIB, Vienna). Former Head of Operations and Business Services, he was Senior Vice President at Banco Santander until December 2016. He was a member of the Board of the Euro Banking Association (EBA, Paris-Brussels) and of the Board of Directors at the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication cooperative (SWIFT, Brussels) until the end of 2016.

Conferenze edizioni passate

Edizione 2017
Data Conferenza
23-11-2017 alle 14:00 PSD2: recepimento e requisiti tecnici
23-11-2017 alle 16:00 Instant Payments - SCT Inst
Edizione 2018
Data Conferenza
08-11-2018 alle 14:00 SEPA: Instant e futuro
Edizione 2019
Data Conferenza
07-11-2019 alle 09:30 Sessione - SEPA instant e molto altro
Edizione 2020
Data Conferenza
05-11-2020 alle 12:00 Sessione - SEPA: l’evoluzione continua
Edizione 2021
Data Conferenza
03-11-2021 alle 14:00 Pagamenti istantanei: un ruolo chiave nell’evoluzione e nel futuro dei pagamenti al dettaglio