Paulo Guichard leads the Banking and Acquiring Infrastructure for the fastest growing firm in Europe, SumUp, the mobile credit card reader and point of sale company. From the moment a customer swipes, dips, or touches his card using a SumUp reader, until the moment the funds arrive at the merchants' bank account, Paulo manages the multi-billion-euro flow for SumUp. During his tenure, Guichard has supported SumUp’s ambitious European expansion plans, including the never-before-seen launch of 15 new countries in the summer of 2017, both from a technical and commercial perspective. Meanwhile, he has been involved in SumUp’s global growth from an acquiring and banking perspective. Born in Porto (Portugal) and raised in California, Guichard graduated from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business in 2013. He spent a couple of years in the European consulting firm, Roland Berger, where he helped banks connect to FinTechs and advised them on the conceptualization of new digital products. Almost two years ago, Paulo decided to join the mobile payment industry and help SumUp become the first ever global card acceptance brand.